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About Century Motors of Fresno

Century Motors Fresno is a leading pre-owned electric & hybrid car dealer located in California’s Agricultural hub. Most of our customers are first-time EV buyers.

We are one of the first used car dealers of the region to specialize in primarily used electric cars & used plug-in hybrids. Here in the Central Valley of California’s Agricultural hub, we have historically been known for farming and ag-related jobs, where most of us primarily drive high-MPG pick-up trucks and SUVs.

We understand that Electric cars are not only our future, but our present, as we combat rising gas prices. EV’s provide a solution to this problem because of their
low-maintenance and other reduced long term costs. More Central Valley residents have interest in EVs now more than ever before.

Here at Century Motors, most of our customers are first-time EV buyers, having never previously owned an electric or hybrid vehicle. Our staff is very knowledgeable in EV’s, able to answer all questions, and is trained to educate consumers versus selling to them. This makes the entire process easy and hassle-free in many ways.


Buyers are invited to browse through our website to look at our inventory or visit our store located at 276 N Abby Street, Fresno, CA 93701. You won’t find $50K used Tesla’s at Century, but you will find affordable used electric cars between $13K-$28K.

To further assist with affordability, we help our customers get approved for government grants that provide up to $9,500 in free money towards purchasing a used EV or plug-in hybrid through partnership we have created with local government agencies like the Valley Clean Air Now (Valley CAN, www.valleycan.org).


Electric cars, like the Nissan Leaf, (which we have here at Century) can go 90 miles on a single charge and are designed more for in-city driving. If you are looking to drive longer distances, you probably shouldn’t buy a Leaf, but would be better suited for a Plug-In Hybrid like a Prius or Ford Fusion. We share key details like this with our customers, whereas other dealers who don’t understand EV’s may pressure you to buy a vehicle that doesn’t really fit your needs.


The used plug-in hybrids that have like the Honda Clarity, Fusion Energi and Chevy Volt – all come with a plug-in charger (included with the sale) and have a range of about 30 electric miles and a gas range of about 350-400 miles. Again, the electric miles are great for in-city driving, while the gas miles are great for longer distances.


We believe you should buy from us because we are knowledgeable about EV’s & Hybrids and won’t put you in a car that doesn’t fit your lifestyle.


About Century Motors Fresno:

Century Motors Fresno is a leading used electric & hybrid car dealer located in California’s Agricultural hub. We also have high MPG vehicles that have 35+ miles per gallon.

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